Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just how did storm water infrastructure wear and tear sneak up on us??

Just prior to the City releasing its first attempt at annual budgeting, the City Manager released a report showing many defeciencies in the storm water infrastructure.  This coincided with numerous emergency repairs which the City had to pay for, due to storm damage.  Come on folks...Did the City forget we had a 30 year old system out there?  Did we purposely not repair the system, just to keep millage rates low?  Was this really a surprise to them?  If so, not only is the system failing, but the management in the City is failing.  A good manager keeps their finger on any system/function that has wear and tear associated with it, and plans many years in advance to assure that no surprises happen.  This is called accountability..  How many of us, drive cars, that are over 10 years old?  Are we surprised if something fails and needs to be replaced?  This is but one of the reasons we need an INFORMED and INVOLVED City Council and Mayor.  History shows, that the CM, only brings up,at City meetings or workshops, what he wants to.  When have you heard a Council member say, CM, bring us up to date on ... any subject?  Why do we have the most expensive equipment available , in out massive fleet of trucks.  Why do we not think of smarter ways to do work?  Government says it has the answers to our problems,, But in many cases  IS THE PROBLEM   Give thought to running parts of our government AS a business, not to make a profit, but just to break even.  Ask your elected officials why they did what they did, and hold them accountable.  We can do better...much better

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