Saturday, July 30, 2011

City Council Meeting, Tuesday 8/2, Community Center ,6:30 PM

Please come out to the City Council meeting ,at the Community Center , Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM..The agenda will include the  Council  discussing the setting   the  tentative millage rate, for this years  property tax bill.  During the past City Council Workshop meeting on Tuesday the 26th,  they discussed raising the millage rate above the present 3.50 level.  They also want to increase our Storm water rate to $9 per month. ( a slight increase over the present $8/month, but never the less an increase)  See you there...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I want our City to be an even better and more affordable place to live.  Join me. 

As your Mayor I will:

Reduce the size and role of local government

Implement meaningful budget reductions and fiscal responsibility

Build a productive partnership between all municipalities within FlaglerCounty

Balance growth and economic development

Improve customer service between the City and resident/business customers

Talk with residents and the employer/business community to get regular feedback

Allow for more community input during City Council meetings

Increase transparency in City business activities

For more information or to support this campaign, please contact Charles F. Ericksen, Jr. at 386-206-3717 or