Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just how did storm water infrastructure wear and tear sneak up on us??

Just prior to the City releasing its first attempt at annual budgeting, the City Manager released a report showing many defeciencies in the storm water infrastructure.  This coincided with numerous emergency repairs which the City had to pay for, due to storm damage.  Come on folks...Did the City forget we had a 30 year old system out there?  Did we purposely not repair the system, just to keep millage rates low?  Was this really a surprise to them?  If so, not only is the system failing, but the management in the City is failing.  A good manager keeps their finger on any system/function that has wear and tear associated with it, and plans many years in advance to assure that no surprises happen.  This is called accountability..  How many of us, drive cars, that are over 10 years old?  Are we surprised if something fails and needs to be replaced?  This is but one of the reasons we need an INFORMED and INVOLVED City Council and Mayor.  History shows, that the CM, only brings up,at City meetings or workshops, what he wants to.  When have you heard a Council member say, CM, bring us up to date on ... any subject?  Why do we have the most expensive equipment available , in out massive fleet of trucks.  Why do we not think of smarter ways to do work?  Government says it has the answers to our problems,, But in many cases  IS THE PROBLEM   Give thought to running parts of our government AS a business, not to make a profit, but just to break even.  Ask your elected officials why they did what they did, and hold them accountable.  We can do better...much better

Monday, August 29, 2011

Flagler/Palm Coast Civic Association Forum

Tonight at 6PM, there will be a political forum at the Government Services Building  in Bunnell.  Come one, come all.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Desalination update

As many of you know, I, along with the other mayoral candidates, was on WNZF radio on Friday hosted by Patrick Kelly..The subject of  desalination and the location of a plant came up.. I am opposed to this project being located any place in Palm Coast.  But one of my opponents, said he "referred the plant be in Hargrove Grade area"  ..Now folks, let's talk about that...  First , the location is about 8 miles from the ocean requiring at least 8 miles of pipe to bring the salt water to and back from the plant..  This is not a "garden size " pipe, but one that would be at least 10 feet in diameter..They , then would need to bury this pipe, across US1, through parts of "B" or Matanzas sections, through Belle Terre, under I-95, across Old Kings Road, the Citys new golf course, across the intracoastal waterway, A1A, and then the Hammock... This will make Boston's "BIG DIG" look like a sandbox project.  Never in 100 years, would the residents of Palm Coast stand for this.. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Position- City Charter Amendment

As you are aware, in addition to the vote for Mayor, being on the Primary Ballot, you are being asked to amend the City Charter  , to have both the City Primary and General election dates correspond, with the State elections.  This is to supposedly save us money in the budget.  According to many conversations, I've had with individuals who wrote the initial City Charter, it was their intend to seperate the two , to allow The City of Palm Coast to have it's own election cycle, and allowing the resident/voters, to learn the most about its candidates, and not have them lost, at the bottom of a long ballot, among many other candidates.  This makes sense to me, and allows us as voters, to get a long look at our candidates, and make well informed decisions ..I will be voting NO, on this amendment.. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

I ask again, WHERE'S THE BEEF??

A few months ago, I asked in a City Council meeting, just where the $10 million dollars, that the City said they had set aside for the proposed new City Hall was.  You remember the travelling information show, that Mr. Landon went out on, to convince us, that a new City Hall was in our best financial interests, as the money was already there, and building costs were low now, due to the economy?  The answer was, "We never said it was available"  ..Now, the most recent words out of Mr. Netts, is that , "we will pay for it with a bond issue"  , which means, we really don't have it!!.and have to borrow..  .One of the reasons, the City said it wasn't available, was that the $5 million due us from the CSR (Route 100, Bulldog Drive)  was "not a good time to go out for bonds, to get the money back"  So, it's a good time to get the money in the bond market for a new City Hall, but not to have the CRA pay the City back the money it owes us/them??  More Mumbo, Jumbo...Hide the money !!  I believe it's called Creative Bookkeeping!!  Come on, and tell us the truth.  Just where is the money????

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Forum at The Hilton Garden Hotel tonight 8/23

Tonight there will be a co-sponsored Political Candidate Forum at the Hilton Garden Hotel 5-8 PM. Come out and  meet, greet   and hear the candidates for City Council and the Mayor positions .. Learn about the issues and proposed solutions.  This is a 5 year decision you will be making.  Primary Election , Early voting  begins next Monday,  August 29th through September 10th .  with Voting day on Tuesday September 13th.   Your vote will count this time. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Desalination Plant in our future???

As many of you know, the Palm Coast City Council voted two  years ago to consider desalination as a way to produce an alternative water source..Based upon, the growth projections ,at that time, we would need additional water to supports the City's needs.  Since then, the City has invested, over $2 million in the project, along with other local entities.  Also since then , all of the other partners have dropped out due to the economic downturn, and the growth projections have been pushed further out due to no growth locally.  The project has been put on the shelf, until growth returns, but the City remains committed.  Some of the  results of the project , just released show ALL potential plant locations in Palm Coast, approximately 1-3 miles off our pristine beaches.  This large plant would suck 10 million gallons of salt water out of the ocean daily, by beach pumps, and return the products of desalination into the ocean.  Next, there would be large overhead electrical lines, to deliver the electric supply to the plant.. Get the picture of what this would look like?? The primary locations are North of Route 100 ( the main road to Flagler Beach) and East of Old Kings Way...Not only are these  potential locations unacceptable, BUT any location in Palm Coast is unacceptable.  This ugly plant, about as toxic a picture as a Nuclear Plant  would kill our Tourism business, and reduce our property values.  I would oppose any plant in Palm Coast, and recommend we find an alternative to desalination( which in the industry is the highest cost of any other methods).  Even the hint of Palm Coast going forward will turn prospective employers and home buyers coming here.. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Early voting starts on Monday August 29th, ONLY at the  Flagler County/Palm Coast Branch public library.  Hours are 8:30-4:30    ...this will continue through Sept 10...NO voting on Labor Day..Get out and vote early.  Vote for a NEW DIRECTION in Palm Coast...I want to put the City on a path to MUCH BETTER fiscal responsibility, MORE  accountability for it's actions, and MORE resident input...Help me get that going.. Vote  CHARLES ERICKSEN for MAYOR