Sunday, August 28, 2011

Desalination update

As many of you know, I, along with the other mayoral candidates, was on WNZF radio on Friday hosted by Patrick Kelly..The subject of  desalination and the location of a plant came up.. I am opposed to this project being located any place in Palm Coast.  But one of my opponents, said he "referred the plant be in Hargrove Grade area"  ..Now folks, let's talk about that...  First , the location is about 8 miles from the ocean requiring at least 8 miles of pipe to bring the salt water to and back from the plant..  This is not a "garden size " pipe, but one that would be at least 10 feet in diameter..They , then would need to bury this pipe, across US1, through parts of "B" or Matanzas sections, through Belle Terre, under I-95, across Old Kings Road, the Citys new golf course, across the intracoastal waterway, A1A, and then the Hammock... This will make Boston's "BIG DIG" look like a sandbox project.  Never in 100 years, would the residents of Palm Coast stand for this.. 


  1. Sounds like the "magic pipe theory". A bit unrealistic, don't you think?

  2. I think, my opponents comments were in regards to mine, that the ranking of potential sites, shows a close to the beach site as being the preferred one. He wanted to say a site would be remote and not visible. But any site would require lots of disruption and even house loss, to run a pipe across the City..The City does have a second that they want to be a large water Company, supplying the water to other outlying cities. Requiring even more pipes to send the water to Deland, or Leesburg or others.. These are all behind the scenes activities, that most residents do not know about..