Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Position- City Charter Amendment

As you are aware, in addition to the vote for Mayor, being on the Primary Ballot, you are being asked to amend the City Charter  , to have both the City Primary and General election dates correspond, with the State elections.  This is to supposedly save us money in the budget.  According to many conversations, I've had with individuals who wrote the initial City Charter, it was their intend to seperate the two , to allow The City of Palm Coast to have it's own election cycle, and allowing the resident/voters, to learn the most about its candidates, and not have them lost, at the bottom of a long ballot, among many other candidates.  This makes sense to me, and allows us as voters, to get a long look at our candidates, and make well informed decisions ..I will be voting NO, on this amendment.. 


  1. I will be voting NO as well.

  2. When the City first took over billing for trash pick up Mr. Netts was adamant about not charging the citizens any type of administration fees and last year Mr. Netts and Mr. Landon took in more than $500,000 in admin fees. Would you be willing to discontinue this practice?

  3. Carlos... You are talking about just one of the "hidden taxes" in your city utility bill..This is a franchise tax, that Palm Coast assesses the trash hauler, who in turn must put it, in our rates, and the money goes to the City,,BUT you/we pay it. I work with the Coincil to get rid of this hidden tax..Thanks for asking the question