Monday, August 22, 2011

Desalination Plant in our future???

As many of you know, the Palm Coast City Council voted two  years ago to consider desalination as a way to produce an alternative water source..Based upon, the growth projections ,at that time, we would need additional water to supports the City's needs.  Since then, the City has invested, over $2 million in the project, along with other local entities.  Also since then , all of the other partners have dropped out due to the economic downturn, and the growth projections have been pushed further out due to no growth locally.  The project has been put on the shelf, until growth returns, but the City remains committed.  Some of the  results of the project , just released show ALL potential plant locations in Palm Coast, approximately 1-3 miles off our pristine beaches.  This large plant would suck 10 million gallons of salt water out of the ocean daily, by beach pumps, and return the products of desalination into the ocean.  Next, there would be large overhead electrical lines, to deliver the electric supply to the plant.. Get the picture of what this would look like?? The primary locations are North of Route 100 ( the main road to Flagler Beach) and East of Old Kings Way...Not only are these  potential locations unacceptable, BUT any location in Palm Coast is unacceptable.  This ugly plant, about as toxic a picture as a Nuclear Plant  would kill our Tourism business, and reduce our property values.  I would oppose any plant in Palm Coast, and recommend we find an alternative to desalination( which in the industry is the highest cost of any other methods).  Even the hint of Palm Coast going forward will turn prospective employers and home buyers coming here.. 

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