Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Flight was great, but it had a bumpy landing...

.The voters in Palm Coast have spoken.  Well, less than 10% of them have and they have chosen Mr. Netts to lead us, through the next 5 years.  I congratulate him on his victory.  I'd like to thank all the volunteers, that have been with me, many a day, and many an hour over the past hectic weeks. I have learned alot ,since announcing my intention to run, in January; I have met many new friends and spoken with many residents across the City; and I have had fun..  It was worth the effort.   I will take a few days off, and get my bicycle riding back up to standard and will see you all soon.  Thanks for your help and support, I will always remember your spirit and energy..   

Sunday, September 11, 2011


We are now down to , but one day to vote.  The vote you cast on Tuesday the 13th, is for a 4 or 5 year term , and will determine the direction, that Palm Coast goes..Are you ready for a new City Hall, soon after the election?  Are you ready for more hidden discussions and unexplained expenditures? Can we afford more unanswered questions at our City Council meetings""  If you want more accountability and reduced spending, no new City Hall, more truth in communication, more real debate on the issues and agenda items , than I want your vote, and I will represent you, the taxpayer.  Let's put this Council out to pasture, and head in a new direction.   VOTE ERICKSEN for will quickly see the difference ...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Early Voting Update as of Friday Sept 9th

1595 Voters have cast their ballots as of the close of the polls on Friday, Sept.  9th..There is only one day left to early voting (Saturday the 10th) 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  The polls are then closed on Sunday and Monday, and Primary Day is Tuesday, the 13th. @ 6 VOTING LOCATIONS, AND 7am TO 7pm....    This election could produce the Mayor for the next 4 or 5 years, depending upon the voting for or against the City Charter Amendment.  I want your vote tomorrow or Tuesday....The City needs an experienced administrative Mayor to get us through the next 2-5 challenging years. It is quite possible, that property values will continue for at least 1 more year, resulting in reduced revenues to the City.  We will be challenged to operate our City with less funds, and have to prioritize just what is necessary and what is nice to have.  Let's spend the money we have more responsibly.  Let's be out in the open with information.  Let's find out, just where the $10 million , that was identified for the City Hall is,  and let's listen to the residents about their needs.  We need better leadership and new fresh ideas to make Palm Coast and even better place to live.  Let's get out and support our youth school teams, reducing the high fees, to conduct a festival in City Center, and let's have fun ...3 out of the 5 present City Council seats are up for election.  3 new members, will allow us to move our City in a NEW DIRECTION..    VOTE FOR  CHARLES ERICKSEN, JR AS YOUR NEW MAYOR. 

Christ Lutheran Church "Youth Program" Fundraiser 9/12

I will be attending a community fundraiser for the Christ Lutheran Church Youth Program at Bob Evans,  on Monday, September 12, 2011, from 6AM- 9PM..  Bob Evans will donate 15% of all sales to the cause.  Come out and support the youth.  

Monday, September 5, 2011


1.  Flagler County Library /Palm Coast Branch ,   2500 Palm Coast Parkway NW
2.  Palm Coast Community Center, 305 Palm Coast Parkway, NE
3.  Matanzas High School, 3535 Old Kings Road
4.  Belle Terr Elementary  5545 Belle Terre Parkway
5.  Wadsworth Elementary, 4550 Belle Terre Parkway
6.  Former Flagler County School Building, 5400 East Highway 100, next to FPC High School

These are the only voting locations on Tuesday, the 13th.. You can vote at ANY ONE, but do VOTE, 

Early voting continues, through Saturday, the 10th, AT THE FLAGLER COUNTY LIBRARY /PALM COAST BRANCH at 2500 Palm Coast, Parkway NW

Voting Time is Almost Over

Early voting began ,last Monday the 29th and continues to Saturday the 10th.  Since the first day less than 1,000 votes have been cast.  We need to get out and vote now, as time is wasting away.  Primary day is Tuesday, the 13th, and you can only vote at 6 locations.  In my opinion, the City has tried to reduce the vote, by purposely reducing the locations to 6, and not communicating that in a clear ,concise manner.  A reduced vote favors the incumbents .  I can tell you, that they will be out in force on the 13th, making it difficult to vote with the long lines.  5 more years of this City Council and Mayor , will be devastating to the City.  Right now, they are still working on a new City Hall, whether we want it or not.  A major announcement will be coming, right after the election , if they are lucky to win.  Stop this madness, vote a new Mayor into office.  One that will talk WITH you, not AT you.  One that will LISTEN to you, not BLOW you off.  One that has COMMON SENSE, not the same old story.  Let's get out and vote..  Thanks   Charlie