Monday, September 5, 2011

Voting Time is Almost Over

Early voting began ,last Monday the 29th and continues to Saturday the 10th.  Since the first day less than 1,000 votes have been cast.  We need to get out and vote now, as time is wasting away.  Primary day is Tuesday, the 13th, and you can only vote at 6 locations.  In my opinion, the City has tried to reduce the vote, by purposely reducing the locations to 6, and not communicating that in a clear ,concise manner.  A reduced vote favors the incumbents .  I can tell you, that they will be out in force on the 13th, making it difficult to vote with the long lines.  5 more years of this City Council and Mayor , will be devastating to the City.  Right now, they are still working on a new City Hall, whether we want it or not.  A major announcement will be coming, right after the election , if they are lucky to win.  Stop this madness, vote a new Mayor into office.  One that will talk WITH you, not AT you.  One that will LISTEN to you, not BLOW you off.  One that has COMMON SENSE, not the same old story.  Let's get out and vote..  Thanks   Charlie

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