Friday, August 26, 2011

I ask again, WHERE'S THE BEEF??

A few months ago, I asked in a City Council meeting, just where the $10 million dollars, that the City said they had set aside for the proposed new City Hall was.  You remember the travelling information show, that Mr. Landon went out on, to convince us, that a new City Hall was in our best financial interests, as the money was already there, and building costs were low now, due to the economy?  The answer was, "We never said it was available"  ..Now, the most recent words out of Mr. Netts, is that , "we will pay for it with a bond issue"  , which means, we really don't have it!!.and have to borrow..  .One of the reasons, the City said it wasn't available, was that the $5 million due us from the CSR (Route 100, Bulldog Drive)  was "not a good time to go out for bonds, to get the money back"  So, it's a good time to get the money in the bond market for a new City Hall, but not to have the CRA pay the City back the money it owes us/them??  More Mumbo, Jumbo...Hide the money !!  I believe it's called Creative Bookkeeping!!  Come on, and tell us the truth.  Just where is the money????

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